Monday, April 11, 2011

True Confessions

It's true.  I've been a lurker. 

*Hangs head in shame*

I began my blog reading last fall.  Saw an article in a magazine about organizing and a blog to go with.  I'd never read blogs, so I thought I'd check her page out.  (That dear writer has since taken some time off-hence no link).  Maybe I'd get some new tips!  Oh my.  Did I ever!  One thing lead to another and I began a folder in my favorites for these blogs I found myself checking on a couple times a day.  Silly novice lurker!  There are RSS feeds for that!

I really loved the pictures that were included in everyone's blogs.  Artistic.  Different.  Inspiring. 

Oh my, then October hit.  And my favorite blogger extraordinaire The Nester introduced me to a 31 day series that opened my eyes to a host of other talented women!  I couldn't wait to log on each morning and check what each had to say.  Coffee time was filled with "reheat" sessions in October.

I've gone back and forth on starting my own blog.  What do I have to share?  Maybe nothing new, maybe nothing surprising.  But my excitement overfloweth!  (Careful you don't get something on ya).
I'm just learning so much from my favorite blogs.  So, here I go!  Dipping my toes in and taking some risks in this house that is mine.  Lent to us to be blessed by for a season.  Rejoicing in what God has given us! 

Thanks for reading!

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