Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Final Frontier

We have lived in this house for twelve years.

It took me a veeeeery long time to be brave enough to paint. 

Too long.

I started in the guest bathroom.  (AKA:  Small).  Waited until the hubs had gone out of town and went mad with a too-bright yellow.  But it's still the same yellow and I am crazy about it.  That room is now the kids' bathroom, and I found the perfect shower curtain to tone down the yellow madness.  Most importantly, though, was that it made me brave.

Each room we've painted over time has been the exact same process.  Paint swatches.  Samples on the wall.  Jump in.  PURE PANIC THAT IT'S TOO DARK.  Eventually, love! 

Everything is going to look drastic when you are painting over builder off-white.  At least I keep telling myself that.  It doesn't seem to change the process for me, though.

So, finally we come to the last room in the house that needs (desperate) attention.  (OK, we aren't going to count the laundry room yet.  The paint swatches are taped up in there, though...that counts, right?)  Drum roll..........
The dining room! 
I've been so scared of this room because of those high ceilings.  I've always wondered How in the blazes are we gonna get up there???

When I painted the master bath, I found this lovely friend:

He's my dear friend.  We're close.  And holy moly, did you know there was a Mr Long Arm website???  Oh, I will be checking out this guy next.  And these would run circles around my plastic Walmart-bag-in-the-fridge method right now, don't ya think?  Technology...amazing...


So I thought this would be the perfect time to buy myself some tools  try my hand at chair rail.  That's to come!  (It's sitting in the garage crying at the neglect it's experiencing.  I'm coming, lovely chair rail!)  Can't WAIT to break in my new compressor and nail gun.  Yeah!

But first, must.  Finish.  Painting.

Here's another look at our colors:

Love love love to peel the tape.  Couldn't wait-had to see the chair rail line...

And here's how we are living right now.


Really tired of that.  The kids love it, though.


Dreaming of the first meal in this new room...Can't wait!

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