Friday, February 24, 2012

Five Minute Friday


I have always loved Clint Eastwood. My father and I have bonded over many a Saturday morning film. We've been dusty, filthy, clad with corduroy elbow patches, and put in our places over and over. With glee! I just love the no nonsense vibe in every one of the films, whether he has less than 100 lines or more than I can count.

Clint is my mental image of Grit. When life gets rough and I need to borrow someone else's no nonsense sensibility, he's my go to tooth clincher, sans cigar. I can speak my mind and pretend not to care about the consequences when I don the Clint persona.

It never lasts long. Neither do those moments when you need that kind of Grit.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday

I have started joining in on Gypsy Mama's 5 Minute Friday.  I don't consider myself a writer.  I am a reader, for sure!  And I love other peoples' gifts with words.  I consider myself a Thinker.  But I do love the idea of a time limit of dipping my toe in and typing what comes to mind.  No pressure.  No corrections.  (OK, I correct spelling--but that's it!)  All for the fun of it!

This week's topic:  Delight.

What a lovely place to dwell for five minutes.  Delight and Joy go hand in hand in my mind.  Being filled with God's Joy brings me Delight.  It spreads to my family.  It spreads to my daily activities.  And it shows without saying a word. 

I am delighted with food.  Chocolate that passed through my house this week was enjoyed, guilt free, by me too.  Rolling that smooth yumminess around in my mouth...delight!

My children Delighting in one another.  Oh, how wonderful.  To hear secret giggles coming from a bedroom.  A gift.

Delighting in silence.  Too much of my day is noisy.  With my thoughts, music, talking, questions, TV, tears...silence is not to be taken for granted.  I hope I am teaching that to my kiddos, too.  Be Still.  Know.  And be Delighted.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organizing with Gussy

Gussy of Gussy Sews  has started a new (to me!)series on her gorgeous blog. She emails out a topic and sends us off on a cyber adventure to get down our interpretation. Sounded like fun to me!

The topic for this month is Organization. Oh boy. My husband would be rolling laughing if he knew I was writing about this. I'm not a slob too messy. My downfall comes in the clutter. THAT is a bad word around here.

Truth be told, I love organizing. Tools, labelers, baskets, and color coding really excite me. Ooo, and office supplies! Forgot about how much I loooove office supplies! I just about hyperventilate at the back to school sales.

When my first kiddo came along, the organized house took a hit. By the time the second one came, it was a t-total mess. That was when I discovered the world of blogs, actually. I always bought magazines with organizing info on the front cover. I picked up a particularly gorgeous one that led me to Penelope Loves Lists. This sweet blog has an adorable label that I fell in love with-to be a "Penelope," you love nice neat things. And I really do! I just had lost myself in the big C..

So, I needed to shake it up and get my house back.  Next step was getting a book. (always my answer...). This book is fantastic, however. A life changer. For real.

Organizing From the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern.

This book changed my perspective on why there is the tendency to be cluttery (shudder), how to get it together, and how to keep it working.

Now, it isn't perfect. This book is on my reread list constantly. (do you have one of those?) But it really changed my approach. And the fact that I needed to approach it.

I dream of a well oiled machine around here. But as we say in the south: "It ain't gonna happen.". I don't want to freak out about it. I do try to clean up before hubs gets home. But kinda love the toys all over. Creativity happened!

One of the biggest tips I've taken away from the book is to revisit your system about every 30 days.  Working out the kinks and staying focused on the system.  My systems are always getting an inspection by me.  Mostly when the kitchen table is piled high (again) when it should be filed away.

I love dreaming of the next project with this new ammo in my back pocket.  I want a sewing space.  I have a sewing space currently...but it's sad.  I don't want to spend time there!  So, I've already been thinking organizing before I even start.  Big work table.  (Got it.  It's cluttered.  Dang it.)  Better ironing board.  Table just for the machine.  Wheely chair.

Then the fun!  Paint colors.

benjamin moore
(Swatches are up.  I dust them.)

Wall treatment?


I've been pinning other people's craft rooms:

Don't you want to sew there?

Oh, the built in bliss!  Maybe...

What do you think?  How do you begin a new project?  Jump in or plan plan plan?  Can't wait to hear!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Minute Friday

The Gypsy Mama offers the chance to join her beautiful blog on Fridays and write. Just five minutes. Nothing perfect. Just get it down. I am not a writer. I am a Thinker. So this is a great exercise in release for me!

Our topic this week: Real.

I have had a Real week. Jack Mac got his first case of strep throat. Our first real painful episode with sickness. His autism played quite a role in the process. He couldn't tell me what hurt. He couldn't ask for specific comfort. He couldn't tell me. But he showed me. In his own real way. Real. You can't miss the signs for hold me, mommy. Let me lay down here, mommy. My favorite was him reaching up and smoothing out my worry lines on my forehead with one finger. Real words. From one soul to another. He told me. I listened. I prayed. God answered. Jack told me he was sad. With real words! That is a huge leap in our house. The encouragement all week was Real. Another mother reaching out to me with similar situations. A speech teacher encouraging me spiritually. A random phone call from a near stranger reminding me she loves our family. This week has been so Real. All in all, my Real God showed up. It was a blessing.

Hopefully this is the link back to the Gypsy Mama website. Don't know how to work blogger from the iPad too well yet!

Happy Friday!