Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday


Yeah.  I'm there this morning.  My ache is to help.  To help him through the melt downs.  To shake them off of us both.  I ache to take the frustration away.  The tears he sheds.  I take comfort in knowing God feels my ache.  He hears my heart.  He's right here.  Aching with me.  With us.

God brings me a bird outside the open window.  The prettiest song.  So loud from such a tiny creature!  His song is like a release from his little body.  Giving it all he's got.  Getting it all out.  And then I feel it. 


Peace.  Renewal.  Calm.  The God I serve is so wonderful.  I pray I can remember this place later when the ache returns.

Join in?