Thursday, April 14, 2011

Style Study

I have a very traditional home.  I think.  I have a very traditional style.  I think.  I choose traditional furniture.  I think...

Do you see a trend here?

I'm not exactly sure what style is, per se.  So I have an idea!  I'd like to do a series on the study of style.  Traditional, modern, contemporary, California Cottage Chic...ya know, the normal stuff...

Once I have a grip on this style thing, I'm gonna fling it all out the window and go with what I like. 

Pottery Barn

Now I know what you're thinking:
Seriously.  There are books for this kind of thing.
Wouldn't that just be too easy?  To the easy and obvious, I say "Pshhh!"  Hang on, let me wipe the keyboard...I think I'd retain the info better if I do the research.  I have mentioned that I'm a nerd, right?  Information absorber?  Reader of all the signs at the museums and parks?  Much to my family's dismay...  how many times to I hear,  "Mom, come on..."  I know.  I call it my "knowledge."  Yo.  It's how I roll.

So!  Knowledge, here I come!  Want to join me?

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