Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I did it!

Wowee wow wow wow! I did it! I just walked/ran two miles in my neighborhood!

I haven't really made any resolutions this year. I am already working on the healthy eating/weight thing. It was a huge victory this year to go through the holidays with Weight Watchers. Almost quit. Thought it was nuts. But never felt deprived! I ate what I wanted. And was smart in between the "feasts" and didn't gain it all back! Yippee!

But I have been needing a new motivation to exercise. Let's face it, I hate it. I hate to sweat. I hate to be out of breath. I hate to sweat. Maybe it's more the sweating thing...anyway, I know I will not make my goal without it. Dang it. So I need to embrace something more interesting than the DVD I keep plugging in.

So I read about the Couch to 5 K. I did the first day this morning. I can not believe I was able to do that. I can walk all day, but to run?!

Might I add that our neighborhood is the hilliest ever created. Ever.

So I kept track of which set I was on and hit it. Totally convinced I would need to call someone to come scrape me off the pavement. But I didn't! I made it! I was tempted once to flag down the garbage men and hitch a ride, but that's not uncommon, right?

Of course, the real test is if I do it again on Thursday. But why not build on this momentum? The feeling in my legs will return by then anyway...so why not?

No matter what, today was a victory. I accomplished something I have never done. Pretty cool!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Friday!

A while back I decided that Fridays needed to be my day. MY DAY. My own personal Fun Friday. Kiddos are at school. At least in the morning. So I am the kind of gal that needs something to look forward to all week. Hence, my little tradition.

Fun Friday always gets thrown off when the kids are out for a break. I don't think I have taken a FF since before Thanksgiving! So you can imagine how excited I was!

I don't even have to spend any money on my outings. Sometimes I am on the hunt for supplies for a crafty project I've read about. And sometimes I just want to bum and drink coffee and people watch.

Today was a combo: project and bumming. I made a stop at the Dollar Tree. Picked up a punch balloon and some new kitchen scissors. Ok, Ok, and some M & Ms. Dang it.

Then I made my way to Goodwill. I just love Goodwill. I know I am not alone in this devotion. There is always something new to discover! I didn't even think about yarn being there! Got a Pom Pom project in the works for that beautiful white goodness I picked up. I got a bag filled with wooden clothes pins. Score!!! Some tea towels for next Christmas. And a cutie patootie bag. Yippee! A grand total of six bucks!

All in all, an awesome Fun Friday.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Saying hello to 2012

I am so excited about a new year! I am ready to take what we've learned in 2011 and run with it.

I think a little looking back is healthy. A long as you don't linger there's too long. So here's a little recap of what is sticking out in my mind about our year 2011.

~*~. Our biggest story of the year would have to be our youngest son being diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. We began that journey near the beginning of the year. By July we had an official diagnosis and no clue how to feel or cope. Yet. In the six months that followed, we were BLESSED with private therapy, a super school for him, and encouragement from our family in huge ways. My God has never been absent in this journey. He has chosen to be silent on occasion. But always when I was absent from being at His feet. Funny how that works, huh? We continue on into this year much more equipped. Baffled, yes, sometimes. Frustrated, often. Hopeful, continuously.

~*~Another (divine) glitch was when our laptop died. *sniff* It was October, I believe. Oh, how I have missed it! I never noticed how much I would open that thing up and look up some random factoid or recipe or home-design-idea-or-inspiration. We still had (have) our pc downstairs, but who wants to spend tons of time down there surfing? Tons of time...hmm...yep. Maybe too much time. For all of us! We enjoyed the hiatus and just touching base with the common sites like fb and email. I will still say I sorely missed my fav blogs during the holidays, but I know catching up will be fun! We got some Christmas money that we are going to put into fixing it. But keeping an eye on how much quality time I spend with it will be a priority.

~*~ Wow, the blessings of family. 2011 showed us just how much family means. Our little boy will not lack for therapy or help or tools. We were gifted an iPad for him in December. And how exciting to see the progress he is already making with these Autism apps! Handwriting was a big focus. And now we are branching out into eye contact and emotions. He is thriving with this amazing tool. Awesome.

~*~So looking forward to 2012. New. More of the same great habits. Strength to weed out some bad ones. Hope your New Year is shiny and bright!