Monday, August 8, 2011

Sundays Unplugged

Had to swallow a lot of pride today.  And, in a way, a lot of privacy.  Yet another step in acceptance of our new diagnosis.

How do you handle a sudden public announcement of something you have kept quite private? 

You trust.

You must.  After the tears subside and the selfishness of the desire for privacy is over, God steps in.  He says, "Trust me.  Don't rely so much on yourself.  Allow your church family to pray for you.  They want to love on your family."

Then the peace comes.  Slowly I remember the events of the morning.  Both kiddos have "moved up" in their Sunday School classes, even though the little boy is still working on that potty.  Even though mommy doesn't think he can handle it.  Then a wonderful gentle man takes little boy under his wing.  And success happens!  Peace.

Then little boy escapes the room.  Panic.  Where is he?  God protects me from all of it by removing me to serve elsewhere.  And the congregation enjoys some surprise comic relief when he makes it all the way to the drums.  Daddy's drums.  So familiar.  So fun!  One loud noise of praise.  He's found.  Safe.  Peace.

One loving church member's words keep ringing- "We aren't going to let you fail."

I trust you, Lord.  I swallow pride.  I feel lost at times with all these terms and appointments.  All of the education I've had so far about this mysterious and broad Autism.  And now the church family wants to be educated.  Step up.  Trust.  Be little boy's advocate.  Biggest fan. 

But remember that no one can be a bigger fan of him than God. 

And God is my biggest fan, too. 

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