Monday, June 20, 2011

This Lazy Day

This has been the best day so far.

We haven't done a thing!  No pressure to be anywhere or do anything.  I'm still in my nightgown!  We've vegged as a family.  Three of the four of us are feeling punky, so a day to sit on our tails was much needed to keep the summer rolling!

Going to head to the library and renew some books, check out a few new ones, and grab an armload for the kiddos.  Reading Carol Higgins Clark right now.  She's super!  Just finished this one:
It made me Google Santa Barbara and drool over the pictures.  I now want to own a vineyard, make my own wine, and seize the day! 

I've discovered that I'm reading these all out of order, but that seems to make them more endearing to me.  I already know some things about the characters' backgrounds that they don't even know!  Great summer reading.

I have a feeling my creative streak is going to explode all over me after this lazy day.  Can't wait!

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