Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer is Here!

Our summer has begun here at our house.  Kids are out and hubby is out.  We are counting down the days to the beach!  Can't wait to post some pictures of our camping trip to the beach.  Our kids are young enough that each trip is drastically different from the last one. 

This year we have made a count down chain that hangs on the back door.  Little Girl tears off a link before bed each night.  Can't believe how fast that seems to be making the time go by!

This year, Little Boy is moving out of the pack and play and into a bed.  Some bed.  We aren't sure where yet.  Maybe the bunk.  Possibly the table made down.  He's going to choose!  All I know is I can hear the surf in my ears, feel the sand in my toes, and smell the coffee brewing early in the morning throughout the camper.  Already!  And each tear off of the countdown chain makes my heart leap, too!  It's like being a kid again.  And it feels grrrreat!

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