Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Friday!

A while back I decided that Fridays needed to be my day. MY DAY. My own personal Fun Friday. Kiddos are at school. At least in the morning. So I am the kind of gal that needs something to look forward to all week. Hence, my little tradition.

Fun Friday always gets thrown off when the kids are out for a break. I don't think I have taken a FF since before Thanksgiving! So you can imagine how excited I was!

I don't even have to spend any money on my outings. Sometimes I am on the hunt for supplies for a crafty project I've read about. And sometimes I just want to bum and drink coffee and people watch.

Today was a combo: project and bumming. I made a stop at the Dollar Tree. Picked up a punch balloon and some new kitchen scissors. Ok, Ok, and some M & Ms. Dang it.

Then I made my way to Goodwill. I just love Goodwill. I know I am not alone in this devotion. There is always something new to discover! I didn't even think about yarn being there! Got a Pom Pom project in the works for that beautiful white goodness I picked up. I got a bag filled with wooden clothes pins. Score!!! Some tea towels for next Christmas. And a cutie patootie bag. Yippee! A grand total of six bucks!

All in all, an awesome Fun Friday.

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