Monday, July 18, 2011


A dear friend of mine is moving.

My heart hurts.  Even though I've tried to prepare myself that this could happen, as it is the nature of her husband's business.
This is one of those "grown up" moments.  You can't prepare for this fully.  This is one of those moments where your faith is strengthened. 
Where God dwells.

I know our friendship will continue.  Our children will still grow up knowing one another.  We'll just drive to visit now.  That's the special thing about dear friends.  They will always be dear friends.  Most folks only have one or two of those.

When God brings a friend like mine into my world, you just know it's special.  A person that makes me a better Believer.  A better mother.  A better friend. 

Lord, help me to be a friend she can always rely on, whether she lives near or not.

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