Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday


Yeah.  I'm there this morning.  My ache is to help.  To help him through the melt downs.  To shake them off of us both.  I ache to take the frustration away.  The tears he sheds.  I take comfort in knowing God feels my ache.  He hears my heart.  He's right here.  Aching with me.  With us.

God brings me a bird outside the open window.  The prettiest song.  So loud from such a tiny creature!  His song is like a release from his little body.  Giving it all he's got.  Getting it all out.  And then I feel it. 


Peace.  Renewal.  Calm.  The God I serve is so wonderful.  I pray I can remember this place later when the ache returns.

Join in?


  1. Don't we serve an amazing God? I, too, was reminded of how He hears the ache of our hearts.

    Stopping in from gypsymama

  2. I have had many of those melt down moments with my kids and know the ache you describe. He is good to bring that song bird for peace in the midst. Thanks for visiting me today.

  3. amen! I pray that for you too. and yes God uses the littlest things to bring the biggest revelation.